21 October 2019

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How to Make a Button Using the MaxButtons Plugin

How to Make a Button Using the MaxButtons Plugin

Hola colleague, for those who are still confused, here’s how to Make a Button that is Uniform With Footer on the Tel-U Website by using the MaxButtons plugin

  1. First install the MaxButton plugin which can be obtained free from the Plugins menu on your Dashboard
  2. After the installation is complete and activated, you will find the MaxButtons menu on your Dashboard menu. then you can choose the Add New menu
  3. Then you can follow the following settingswhat needs to be adjusted is in the Basics column, which is the Button Name and URL. Input Text is the text that will appear on the button. while the URL is the link the link will point to
  4. Then click the Save button at the top or bottom of the settings page
  5. When finished, you can get the MaxButton Shortcode on the MaxButtons -> Buttons menu to add it where you want it, such as pages, widgets, etc.
  6. Good luck

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