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19 Aug

PHP Version Settings in C-Panel

For fellow C-Panel users, please do the following steps to update PHP, Especially for those whose PHP version is still PHP 5.X. This is important because of the following things. PHP doesn’t support PHP 5 anymore Many loopholes that can be the entrance to malware and its siblings in the PHP version Steps to Update […]

8 May

Building Faculty Web at Telkom University

In accordance with the decree issued by Telkom University, that all campus faculty websites must follow the rules for making the official website of Telkom University. This is done to provide convenience to stakeholders, especially in terms of information shared with them. To build the faculty website, it is hoped that the content delivered will […]

10 Apr

Malware WordPress Scanner Free 2019

If you are a WordPress user, but suddenly your website is behaving strangely. like, when your website is opened, the homepage and URL are moved to another page or your website gets messy. Yup, maybe you are sedan attacked by wordpress malware. WordPress malware usually comes from plugins, themes, and even the wordpress itself is […]