10 April 2019

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Malware WordPress Scanner Free 2019

Malware WordPress Scanner Free 2019

If you are a WordPress user, but suddenly your website is behaving strangely. like, when your website is opened, the homepage and URL are moved to another page or your website gets messy. Yup, maybe you are sedan attacked by wordpress malware. WordPress malware usually comes from plugins, themes, and even the wordpress itself is not updated or you even use pirated software, wow …

Do not rush to throw a tantrum, what’s more angry at the admin in your place. the initial thing that can be done for your wordpress malware is to scan it on your website. there is a free online scanner to check your wordpress. Here are 5 of the best online scanners version


By using a pretty good algorithm, WP Scan identifies plugins and other settings that are damaged in your WordPress.

2. sitecheck.sucuri

Sucuri is known for their timely reports on the WordPress ecosystem on plugins and themes. Sucuri also has a site scanner for vulnerabilities. Malware Scanning, Website Blacklisting, Injection Spam, Defacements, Website Firewalls also scan through your scripts and links

3. WordPress Security Scan

Check application security, WordPress plugins, hosting and web server. The security scanner downloads several pages from your website and analyzes the HTML code and scans user enumeration, directory indexing, linked websites, linked JavaScripts and linked iFrames. With membership you can get further scanning for your site.


Check your site for WordPress meta tags, readme.html, response headers containing detailed PHP version info, list of usernames, Check display of unnecessary information on failed login attempts, access install.php file via HTTP, access upgrade.php file via HTTP , upload folder that can be browsed, the EditURI link is present in the page header, admin interface that can be sent via HTTPS and the Windos Live Writer link in the page header.


Doing a basic scan checks whether all your WordPress files are up to date or not, your website scores from 100. It also advises you to tighten security and hide your version of WordPress. The scanner visits your homepage and checks the generator tag. Note – The WordPress core team has decided that displaying your version of WordPress to the public is not a security issue.

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