24 September 2019

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WordPress User Required Plugin

For wordpress users to build their website, plugins are a solution in adding features for more dynamic websites. in addition, there are also plugin functions that offer services to secure our website data. The following plugins are required for Telkom University WordPress users. But keep in mind for Telkom University, the installation of plugins independently can be done in addition to the web with a multisite system (staff, students, rg, labs, and orgs).

Register Required Plugins

  • UpdraftPlus. This plugin is a plugin to backup almost all of our website data. From the website application along with website upload files, until the database can be backed up by this plugin. Website data needs to be treated carefully because bad things can happen at any time, and can make us lose all website data. This plugin can be considered extraordinary as a free plugin, because besides we can do manual updates, we can also do regular updates automatically, and we can also choose where to store backup files.
  • Classic Editor. for those who don’t normally use “gutenberg”, this plugin is an alternative. besides, on the way there are still plugins that crash a bit with gutenberg, like the next plugin we discussed
  • WP Difender Pro from WPMUDEV. is a paid anti-malware plugin that can be used by making requests to the Sisfo team. we already have a license so we can install it as needed
  • SEO by Yoast (Yoast SEO), is a plugin to help build websites and create content according to seo’s rules, so that our website can be easily found on search engines

List of Our Recommended Plugins

  • WPBakery Page Builder, is a plugin to adjust the appearance, especially the front page to be more attractive. Some themes even require the use of this plugin. But this plugin is a paid plugin, so we have to make a special request to the Sisfo team to get the plugin … calm down, the sisfo team already has the plugin, so we can immediately share it if anyone needs it (especially the website admins recorded at our system)
  • Slider Revolution. This plugin is a plugin to display the banner slider so that the information highlighted by us can be dynamically displayed on the start page at the top of the page
  • MaxButtons, is a plugin for displaying buttons so that links can be made to go to applications or websites that are highlighted as they appear in the footer on the main website
  • Forminatour Pro from WPMUDEV. This plugin is a plugin to add form features to your pages. This plugin is a paid plugin so we have to make a special request to the Sisfo team to get the plugin.

although the use of plugins is helpful in making websites, but keep in mind, plugins (themes, and wordpress) must be regularly updated and don’t let plugins that we don’t use or suspect, should be uninstalled to prevent the entry of malware into our website.

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