21 October 2019

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Website Footer Settings Like the Main Website

Website Footer Settings Like the Main Website

Our post this time will discuss about how to set footer websites, such as the main website. this is quite important so that users who switch from the main website of Telkom University, can easily adjust their eyes and understanding to the website they will visit, such as faculty websites and others. The following are the steps for making a footer to be the same as the main website

  1. On the WP Admin Dashboard select the Appearance menu -> Customize
  2. Then select the Footer menu until a menu like this will appear
  3. Select the Footer 4 menu, to set the display settings for the footer.
  4. In the number of columns that appear, select Column 4 as shown below
  5. Then return to the Footer menu (by pressing the <key in the top left corner), then select the Footer Layout menu, select Footer 4, and click Publish
  6. After that, you can return to your WordPress Dashboard menu by pressing the cross (X) in the upper left corner
  7. Then after returning to the Dashboard menu, select the Appearance menu -> Widgets
  8. After that you will be presented with a screen like the one below. On the right there are Widgets Footer 4 – Column 1, Footer 4 – Column 2, Footer 4 – Column 3, and Footer 4 – Column 4. Each can be filled according to the needs of the Available Widgets column by dragging and dropping widgets. -the widget
  9. In Footer 4 – Column 1, it can be filled with Text Widget in the manner shown in point 6which contains the Telkom University logo by adding the following script. Select the Text tab and then you can coppy the following script
    In the section highlighted green, you can change according to the source of the Telkom University logo on your wordpress media, so that if the tab is changed to the Visual tab, it will change as follows
  10. Then in the Footer 4 – Column 2 section the Text widget can be used again, to write down the contact or address of Telkom university
  11. To fill Footer 4 – Column 3, you must first install the MaxButtons plugin to add a link button, in this way, found on the Telkom University Footer website. By first adding the Text widget as before, then you can add the code generated from the MaxButton plugin as follows
  12. Likewise to add the contents of Footer 4 – Column 4, you are required to install the Ultimate Social Media plugin first,only then will there be an additional Ultimate Social Media widget as below

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