19 August 2019

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PHP Version Settings in C-Panel

PHP Version Settings in C-Panel

For fellow C-Panel users, please do the following steps to update PHP, Especially for those whose PHP version is still PHP 5.X. This is important because of the following things.

  • PHP doesn’t support PHP 5 anymore
  • Many loopholes that can be the entrance to malware and its siblings in the PHP version

Steps to Update PHP to PHP 7.X on C-Panel

  1. Login to C-Panel using an account that has been provided before
  2. In the C-Panel dashboard display as below, select the set of functions with the title Software, then select the MultiPHP Manager function
  3. Then, select the domain to be upgraded to PHP, select PHP to PHP 7.3, and click Apply
  4. after successful, the PHP version will change and a notification will appear as below

Done, now your domain’s PHP version has become the latest PHP version. good luck

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